The Gateway to 10,000 Illnesses by Robert Boyd, D.O. released world-wide as eBook


First Edition Design eBook Publishing.

Now available as eBook from First Edition Design eBook Publishing.

St. Louis, MO, USA (January 25, 2012) — The Gateway to 10,000 Illnesses by Robert Boyd, D.O., ( which is a challenge to the broad world of medicine and promises a reassessment of the causative processes of many disorders, has been released world-wide in eBook form.

Author Dr. Robert Boyd suggests what he sees as the hitherto missing link in the world of medicine. Boyd’s writings are refreshing, stimulating and thought provoking – even humorous – and challenge the accepted norms in wide areas of conventional and alternative medicine. His unique concept is totally absent from any current teaching and will challenge the basics of widely held views, conventional or alternative.

I have attempted to convey my own belief that, at the core of control and organization of every single activity, cellular, organ or system, is involuntary movement. I believe that until there is recognition of the existence of movement there will continue to be limitations to healthcare delivery,” Dr. Boyd said.

The Gateway to 10,000 Illnesses describes in straightforward and largely non-technical language the core mechanism – the engine – of what makes us tick and his conclusions on why this hitherto little understood area is essential for addressing almost any disorder. The author’s style is almost conversational and leads the reader logically step by step to his conclusions. In doing so he questions a number of accepted teachings, particularly in the area of “structural medicine” and goes on to plea for fellow professionals to dispassionately examine the accuracy and value of his findings. Dr. Boyd has been at the forefront of cranial research and innovation for over 30 years.

Dr. Boyd added, “If we refuse to be distracted by the often siren promises of the complex, the answers may well be found in the simple. Let us be always mindful that the organism never wishes to be dysfunctional, was designed to be self-repairing and will repair if facilitated to do so.”

“After more than 20 years working and studying and teaching in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and before that living with pain for decades, I am so grateful to discover Dr. Robert Boyd’s work. Written for the practitioner and patient/client alike, this book sheds light on the ever darkening picture of the decline of health worldwide.” — Tom Tessereau, CBC, LMT, NCTMB.

The Gateway to 10,000 Illnesses by Robert Boyd, D.O., in eBook form, (ISBN 9781937520342), was published on November 15, 2011 by First Edition Design eBook Publishing based in Sarasota, Florida USA. It is available at Amazon’s Kindle store, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble’s Book Nook, Sony, Diesel and Google’s eBookstore, which supports numerous eReader devices. In addition to those outlets, The Gateway to 10,000 Illnesses was distributed in eBook format worldwide to over 100,000 other sources including libraries, schools colleges, universities and additional online booksellers.

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