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Daria Rose and The Day She Chose by Award Winning #Author Yvonne Capitelli Available in #eBook #FED_ebooks


Daria Rose and The Day She Chose by Yvonne Capitelli now available in eBook.

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Daria Rose and The Day She Chose by Yvonne Capitelli now available worldwide in eBook

Daria Rose And The Day She Chose teaches children invaluable life tools in a child friendly way. It is imperative to start building confidence and good values in children while they are still young. This fun story about a young girl teaches self-empowerment and fosters: making good choices, positive behaviors, good self-esteem, confidence, kindness, courage, strength, determination, friendship, good values, and the importance of being thoughtful and thankful. This beautifully illustrated picture book is a fun and engaging way to teach young minds about the power they have within to create a life of happiness through the choices they make.  It is a timely and valuable resource.  Award winning author Yvonne Capitelli uses the book in conjunction with her character building program in schools.

Readers join Daria Rose on a seven day adventure as she encounters difficult social and personal situations regarding bullies, school work, self-image, peer-pressure, losing faith in herself and being overwhelmed. Daria Rose learns that life is all about choices and it is up to her to make the right ones. Children will learn that no matter how young you are, you can be in control of your own happiness. A child will benefit from the invaluable information expressed in this colorful and entertaining story. You and your child will enjoy reading this story over and over, using it as a tool to open dialog and help them realize how they act and react to different situations can give them the outcome they are looking for. Whether your child is 4 or 14 they will be inspired to take control of their own life and realize the power they have within.

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Yvonne Capitelli, Author

As a young girl author Yvonne Capitelli envisioned writing children’s books in the future. She achieved her dream after growing up on Long Island, NY and became an authoritative children’s author and children’s motivational speaker. Yvonne Capitelli has five awards to her credit for her debut children’s book Daria Rose and The Day She Chose. They include:  2012 Nominated Best Author of Long Island, 2011 Children’s Literary Classics Gold Award and KART Kids Book List, 2010 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist, and 2009 Moonbeam Children’s Book Bronze Award Mind-BodySpirit/Self Esteem and Preferred Choice Award Creative Child Magazine.

Ms. Capitelli has always had a love of children and a love of books.  She was inspired by her daughter to start writing positive character building books that motivate children to make good choices, be determined and take control of their own happiness. Her books are fun, educational, beautifully illustrated and all center around imparting important life lessons. Children and adults alike will enjoy and benefit from her fun and engaging stories that make you realize the amazing power we all have within.

The author’s children’s book, I Get It! I Get It! How John Figures it Out, released January 2012, is about one boy’s journey and triumph with Auditory Processing Disorder. Ms. Capitelli’s second book of her Daria Rose Making Good Choices Series is due for release later this year.

Daria Rose and the Day She Chose by Yvonne Capitelli, was published April 25, 2012 in eBook format (ISBN 9781937520953) by First Edition Design Publishing.  It is available at Amazon’s Kindle store, Barnes & Noble and other on-line retailers. In addition to those outlets, Daria Rose and the Day She Chose was distributed worldwide in eBook format by First Edition Design Publishing to over 100,000 locations in more than 100 countries.

First Edition Design Publishing, based in Sarasota, Florida, USA leads the industry in eBook distribution. They convert, format and submit eBooks to Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Google, Kobo, Diesel, 3M, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Nielsen, EBSCO, scores of additional on-line retailers and libraries, schools, colleges and universities. The company also has a POD (Print On Demand) division that creates softcover and hardcover printed books and makes them available worldwide through their distribution network.

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Don’t Believe the eBook Monopoly Ploy #FED_ebooks #ebook #author RT

Don’t Believe the eBook Monopoly Ploy


By: Warren Adler

Don’t believe all that hype about government interference that is designed to foster an Amazon monopoly of the ebook business. What the six major publishers were alleged to have done was collude in fixing prices that, if true, was a desperate act that they must have known would fall afoul of anti-trust laws.

The new ploy by book publishers is to characterize Amazon as a monopoly poised to take over and dictate terms and run rampant over those who create ebook content. That is like saying Starbucks is a monopoly because it currently dominates the coffee retail business.

As an author who introduced the SONY reader, the very first reading device at the 2007 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics show to what was then an indifferent audience, I felt certain that one day e-readers would dominate the marketplace. I thought SONY was really on to something and would one day be the imaginative leader of the ebook industry.

Soon after the SONY launch, Amazon introduced the Kindle and followed through with verve and imagination to become, as we speak, the dominant force in ebook content and sales. I was an evangelist for these devices largely because of the ease of purchase, clarity and wide variety of available content and, above all, convenience, especially for those of us to whom reading is an important part of our lives.

Barnes and Noble, a super successful big-box book chain, apparently saw the advantages of getting into the ebook business early on, created an infrastructure and then, in an act of counter-productive bean cutting, abandoned its ebook business entirely. I remember meeting Steve Riggio, Barnes and Noble’s chief honcho, at the home of the late Bill Riley, one of his board members, and politely chastising him for getting out of that business.

Sure, it was light cocktail chatter, but I could tell that he was contemplating getting back into ebooks. It must have soon become apparent that in order to survive, Riggio had to get into that business, and Barnes and Noble did indeed with its excellent reader, the Nook. Unfortunately, they were late and are now playing catch-up. But to dismiss the Nook as a competitor to the Kindle is to sell Barnes and Noble short. Early on, they revolutionized the book business with their big-box stores and merchandising techniques and will undoubtedly ratchet up the ebook competition.

Then there is Kobo, a Canadian company trying to earn its bones in the business. They have to be counted as a future factor in the competition. There are others, as well, trying to crack into the coming e-reader bonanza.

The introduction of Apple’s iPad gave the publishers, as they might have seen it, leverage to fix their ebook prices. You couldn’t blame them since the challenges posed by ebooks are a very real threat to the profitable print publishing business. I have a feeling they believed that Apple would, like everything they touched, eventually dominate the e-book business as well, hence their alleged collusion.

Although I am an Apple guy and a great admirer and loyal user of their products, I did not think that the iPad would dominate the book business. It doesn’t and, in my opinion, will not. My opinion is based on the fact that the tablet concept is too distractive for the customer, to whom reading is a centerpiece of their leisure activities.

Marketers use a cute term called “immersive reading.” It is redundant. All book reading is immersive and requires from its devotees time and, above all, mental concentration.

Somewhere I read that the great Steve Jobs thought that reading, meaning the content that is defined as “books,” would decline against the onslaught of other cyber activities, which he seemed to deem more important. Indeed, he must have fashioned his foray into the book business with that in mind. With a million distractions now available on the iPad, the so-called “immersive reader” is relegated to be merely one of the pack, with “book” content hardly in the same exclusive domain of a solo device.

I am well aware that Amazon is having great success with its “Fire” tablet. My sense is that it will have exceptional value to Apps Aficionados but might not to book content readers. In my view, those who are repetitive “immersive” readers of all ages will stick with the solo reading device.

What could be a worry for Amazon, Nook, and Kobo would be if Apple decides to come out with its own solo reading device.

I have not dealt with the plight of the author, the creator of the content without which the traditional publishing business would have to close its doors. What could happen is that authors might find it more advantageous to create their own self-publishing business models, which has been my choice, join together to create cooperative ventures, or throw their oar in with numerous enterprises serving authors who have the means to self-publish with all the bells and whistles of traditional publishers.

As it stands now, the publishers are busy scratching their heads and trying to come up with measures to assure their future viability. Someone, perhaps far outside the publishing box or an enterprising author might come up with a business plan that will make economic sense. We shall see.

Fear not. Readers must read. Writers must write. It has always been thus. And creative minds will prevail to eventually figure out ways to bring the two together in ways profitable to each.

Warren Adler is the author of 32 novels and short story collections. His books are published in 25 languages worldwide and several have been adapted to movies, including “The War of the Roses” and “Random Hearts.”

Download a free copy of Warren Adler’s The Children of the Roses.

First Edition Design Publishing, the industry’s largest distributor of eBooks, submits eBook titles to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, SONY, Kobo and to over 100,000 distribution points and booksellers in more than 100 countries. They format eBooks for every type of ereader device on the market.

Kobo Will Offer Books and eReaders in Brazil #FED_ebooks #ebooks #Kobo #Author #Brazil


Kobo Intends on Offering Books and eReaders in Brazil Q2 2012


By Michael Kozlowski

 Amazon is not the only company focusing on the the largest market in South America to distribute e-readers and eBooks. During a Rakuten Super Expo yesterday Todd Humphrey, EVP, Business Development at Kobo said that his company will be launching in Brazil in the second quarter.

Kobo intends on forming partnerships with bookstores in Brazil to sell their devices to the end user. It is rumored that the company is in negotiations with Culture or Scott, two of the largest bookstores. The company intends on actively marketing their Kobo Vox Android Tablet and their Kobo Touch eReader.

Kobo is no stranger to international expansion and has pushed hard into Europe. You can find localized versions of the books in Spain, France, Germany and the UK. The company always courts publishing partners to offer books by home grown authors and bestsellers that orientated in those countries. Since Rakuten aqquired Kobo last year, at the top of the priority list is international expansion. “We are working with Brazilian publishers and closing sales agreements with retailers, as well as a large chain of bookstores to distribute the eBook readers,” said Humphrey, which was excited about the digital book market in Brazil, “In over 5 years, 50% of digital books will be in Brazil “bet.

It looks like the next battle ground for e-Readers and Books will be in Brazil. Amazon will be marketing their own closed ecosystem that has audiobooks, self-publishing and many more devices. Kobo rides on the premise of supporting a widely adopted ePUB format that allows customers to easily load in their own books.

Michael Kozlowski is the Editor in Chief of Good e-Reader. He has been writing about electronic readers and technology for the last four years. His articles have been picked up by major and local news sources and websites such as the Huffington Post, CNET and more. Michael frequently travels to international events such as IFA, Computex, CES, Book Expo and a myriad of others.


About First Edition Design Publishing:

Ebook Publishing Design Edition First Graphic Aggregators Ebooks Publishers Distribution POD Designing Approved Aggregator How Services Academic Distributor Chapter Submission Professional published book market First Edition Design Publishing is the world’s largest eBook and POD (Print On Demand) book distributor. Ranked first in the industry, First Edition Design Publishing converts and formats manuscripts for every type of platform (e-reader). They submit Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic and Children’s Books to Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Google, Kobo, Diesel, 3M, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Nielsen, EBSCO, and over 100,000 additional on-line locations including retailers, libraries, schools, colleges and universities. The company’s POD division creates printed books and makes them available worldwide through their distribution network. First Edition Design Publishing is a licensed and approved Aggregator and holds licenses with Apple and Microsoft.


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3M Cloud Library Unveiled for Patrons #FED_ebooks #3M #ebooks #Author RT

3M Cloud Library to Be Unveiled for Patrons

Flexible eBook lending service offers hardware, digital content and apps for borrowing and reading

First Edition Design eBook PublishingST. PAUL, Minn., Apr 25, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — The 3M Cloud Library eBook Lending Service will be introduced to the public today in an open house event from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Sun Ray location of the Saint Paul Public Library. The library is one of a number of beta sites where library staff members have undergone training and are now ready to unveil the system to patrons.

The 3M Cloud Library offers a turnkey system of digital content, in-library hardware, and apps for borrowing and reading, and promises to revolutionize how library patrons discover, borrow and read eBooks. At today’s open house, attendees will be able to test drive the system, which uses several components to allow them to browse the electronic catalog and read on the device of their choice:

— 3M Discovery Terminals: Patrons at the library can browse the catalog on these electronic kiosks with an intuitive touch-based interface.

— 3M eReaders: Content from the Cloud Library can be synced with easy-to-use 3M eReaders that can be checked out like any other lendable materials. eReaders can be checked out at three Saint Paul Public Library locations including Central, Sun Ray and Arlington Hills Libraries.

— Mobile device compatibility: The service’s eBooks are compatible with PCs, Macs, iPads, Nooks, and Androids. Using their personal devices, patrons can browse, check out and read eBooks all without leaving the 3M Cloud Library app.

“Saint Paul is proud to be one of the first library sites to provide this service,” said Mayor Chris Coleman, who will be on hand at today’s event. “The fact that the system allows eReaders to be checked out along with digital content is a great way to ensure eReading is available to all. For people who have their own eReading devices, the 3M Cloud Library gives them access to thousands of titles. This system has something for all Saint Paul library patrons.”

The Sun Ray location of the Saint Paul Public Library is in close proximity to 3M’s campus, making it an ideal “living lab” for new technologies from 3M Library Systems.

“3M has been an outstanding partner to us, and we are proud to work with them to serve as a leader for other libraries across the country,” said Kit Hadley, director of the Saint Paul Public Library. “With this technology, we are able to offer cutting-edge technology to all our patrons, whether they own their own e-reader or not.”

Along with the Saint Paul Public Library, a number of other libraries across the country have now made the 3M Cloud Library available to patrons, including the Bergen County Cooperative Library System, N.J.; Maricopa County Library District, Ariz.; Douglas County Libraries, Colo.; Darien Library, Conn.; Richland County Public Library, S.C.; and the State Library of Kansas on behalf of the Kansas Digital Library Consortium. 3M will seek feedback from both patrons and staff at these locations on the service’s ease of use and functionality, using their input to continue to refine the system.

For more information about the 3M Cloud Library eLending system, visit

3M is a trademark of 3M. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.


First Edition Design Publishing, the industry’s largest distributor of eBooks, submits eBook titles to 3M and to over 100,000 other distribution points and booksellers in more than 100 countries.

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Historical Romance #eBook Sales Trending at #BooksOnBoard #FED_ebooks #Author #Romance RT

Historical Romance eBook Sales Trending at BooksOnBoard

 WEBWIRE – Tuesday, April 24, 2012


“At BooksOnBoard, 2012 is shaping up to be the Year of the Historical Romance,” stated Nathan Johnson, BooksOnBoard’s Director of Operations. “Sophisticated romance readers appreciate the specialized knowledge that authors must develop to write period content with accuracy, and 2012 has had, and will continue to have, a lot in that line to offer.”

Historical romance has seen significant growth and variation since the early days of Georgette Heyer, who is arguably the founder of the genre, and, more specifically, of the Regency subgenre. “The most noticeable of the genre’s recent developments is the historical/paranormal and historical/fantasy crossover,” Johnson added. There is some debate as to whether crossovers qualify as true historical romance, but the popularity of both is undisputed. “Even if traditional historical romance fans do not consider crossover titles to be true members of the genre, plenty of readers are stating with the Buy Now button that historical romance crossovers are worth the attention,” Johnson said.

Historical romance crossovers are doing better than ever. “2010 saw a flurry of activity as more and more historical romance authors began to weave elements of paranormal or fantasy into their Victorian and Regency settings,” said Bob LiVolsi, founder and CEO of BooksOnBoard. “Now, the many crossover series that debuted in 2010 have matured in plot, character, and—more significantly for the crossover subgenre itself—style.”

Lydia Dare—the nom de plume of writing duo Tammy Falkner and Ava Stone—started turning heads in 2010 with the arrival of the Westfield Wolves series, which adds a powerful family of werewolves to the social landscape of Regency England. Two years later, Dare has returned to release The Wolf Who Loved Me, a title that has been making its presence known on BooksOnBoard’s Bestsellers List since its release earlier this month.

Dare isn’t the only name in historical romance commanding attention right now, however. Jennifer Ashley (The Duke’s Perfect Wife), Tessa Dare (A Week to Be Wicked), and Miranda Neville (Confessions from an Arranged Marriage) have become some of BooksOnBoard’s most successful authors in recent weeks. Still others are enjoying success even days before their new romance titles hit the shelves: Mary Jo Putney (No Longer a Gentleman) and Amanda Quick (Crystal Gardens, a paranormal crossover) are already approaching BooksOnBoard’s top ten.

“Readers seem to be demanding more from historical romance authors,” LiVolsi noted. “Authenticity, complexity, and originality are the hallmarks of success at BooksOnBoard.” Readers of traditional historical romance or historical romance crossovers may choose to agree or disagree over the labels applied to their favorite genres, but according to LiVolsi, one thing seems clear: “This year, authors are delivering on such a scale as has never been seen before.”

BooksOnBoard is the largest independent online retailer of eBooks, with an inventory of approximately 500,000 unique titles.

First Edition Design Publishing, the industry’s largest distributor of eBooks, submits titles to BooksOnBoard and to over 100,000 other distribution points and booksellers in more than 100 countries.

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Half of all pupils will use #eBooks in two years #FED_ebooks #Author #Android #Apple

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HALF of all pupils starting secondary school in two years’ time will be using eBooks as the classroom goes digital, writes Breda Heffernan.

Book publishers Folens yesterday unveiled its first range of eBooks which will

First Edition Design Publishing

Apple's iPad

be available to download by students on all digital platforms, including AndroidApple and Windows.

The Folens App, which is free to download, will have 26 Junior Cert and 16 Leaving Cert titles which will be available to buy in June. More books will be added on an on-going basis and trial chapters are now available for downloading.

The eBooks will be on average 15 to 20pc cheaper to purchase than traditional textbooks.

However, Folens said this reduction could be more if the Government closed a loophole whereby textbooks were exempt from VAT but digital education material was not.

The publisher said the new app was developed following demand from parents, teachers and students and after a pilot study carried out last year in a selection of schools received a great response.

Irish Independent ~ April 24. 2012

#Nook in the Dark #BN #Nook #ebooks #Author #BarnesandNoble

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BN Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight


First Edition Design Publishing

NOOK Glowlight

If you read your ebook reader a lot at night or in the dark, then throw away those additional lights or lighted cases.  Barnes and Noble have up for pre-order their Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight.  With a click of a switch you can turn on the GlowLight to illuminate the e-ink display.  Brightness is adjustable via a slider switch, and the unit also comes with a pre-installed anti-glare screen protector. With the now standard 6″ e-ink screen, the unit weighs in at 7 ounces.

Pre-orders are expected to ship on May 1 2012. Retail price is $139 USD.

 Source:  by IAN LIM  


Mr. Woolly and Friends #FED_ebooks #ebook #author #childrensbook

First Edition Design Publishing

Mr. Woolly and Friends in How the Barn Was Painted Purple

Mr. Woolly and Friends in How the Barn Was Painted Purple is a charming, whimsical children’s book by Lisa A. Dabrowski.

First Edition Design Publishing

Author Lisa A. Dabrowski

Mr. Woolly is a curious little sheep who loves to learn! Sometimes his curiosity gets the better of him and he finds himself in another adventure with his barnyard friends as they discover life on the farm. Author Lisa A. Dabrowski’s First Edition Design Publishinghand-crafted characters and photographs bring this wonderful children’s book to life. Suggested for ages 6 – 8., you can visit “Mr. Woolly and Friends” online at

Lisa A. Dabrowski, a grassroots, multi-talented artist, with a passion for nature, music, and storytelling, has raised animals throughout her life. In 1992, the real-life “Easter” and “Friday” were born. Along with Lisa’s other menagerie members, they have been the inspiration for characters in this book. For a number of years, Lisa, as “Bo Peep”, accompanied by “Easter”, would make appearances at the local country fair and other community events and entertained children. More recently, Lisa, in honoring her own family’s duck farming heritage, along with her pet duck, “Roxy”, have delighted crowds by bringing to life a part of Long Island, New York’s agricultural history. For “Mr. Woolly and Friends”, Lisa hand-crafted all the characters and set pieces, then photographed them in a way that would show their unique personalities.

Mr. Woolly and Friends in How the Barn Was Painted Purple by Lisa A. Dabrowski, ISBN 9781937520854, was published April 11, 2012 in eBook format by First Edition Design Publishing in Sarasota, Florida USA. It is available at Amazon’s Kindle store,  Barnes & Noble Book Nook  and other on-line retailers. In addition to those outlets,  Mr. Woolly and Friends in How the Barn Was Painted Purple was distributed in eBook format worldwide by First Edition Design Publishing to over 100,000 locations including libraries, schools colleges, universities.

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No Pulitzer Prize for Novelists #FED_ebooks #Author #Writer

First Edition Design Publishing
First Edition Design Publishing

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Pulitzers 2012: prize for fiction withheld for first time in 35 years

None of the entries for the best American novel of the last year could command a majority

Sources: By: Alison Flood and LA Times

The best American novel of the last year? There wasn’t one, according to the judges of this year’s Pulitzer prize for fiction, who announced yesterday that for the first time in 35 years the fiction award would be withheld.

Three novels were in the running to take the Pulitzer prize, the most prestigious in American fiction: Karen Russell’s debut Swamplandia, about a family trying and failing to run an alligator wrestling theme park; David Foster Wallace’s posthumously completed novel The Pale King, set in an Internal Revenue Service centre; and Denis Johnson’s old American west novella Train Dreams.

The books were selected from 341 novels by the novelist Michael Cunningham and the critics Maureen Corrigan and Susan Larson, and presented to the Pulitzer board, which took the decision not to give out the $10,000 prize this year. This was the 11th time the fiction award has been withheld, and the first time since 1977. Previous winners of the Pulitzer range from Ernest Hemingway, Harper Lee and William Faulkner to John Updike, Philip Roth and Toni Morrison.

“The main reason [for the fiction decision] is that no one of the three entries received a majority and thus, after lengthy consideration, no prize was awarded,” Sig Gissler, administrator of the Pulitzers, told the Associated Press. “There were multiple factors involved in these decisions, and we don’t discuss in detail why a prize is given or not given.” Larson, chair of the award’s jury, added: “The decision not to award the prize this year rests solely with the Pulitzer board.”

First Edition Design Publishing

Founded in 1917, the Pulitzer Prize is awarded for excellence in newspaper journalism, literary achievements, and musical composition

John Mullan, professor of English at University College London and a former judge of the Booker prize, said that withholding the UK’s top literary honour was “absolutely never an option”.

“Quite frequently the Booker shortlist comes out and various critics pronounce upon it and say, ‘None of these are any good,’ but when you’re a judge, that’s absolutely, certainly, not an option,” he said. “You go into it with the knowledge that some years are better than others. Some are very good, some are duff, and you just pray you get a good year.”

The Pulitzer, though, is “different”, according to Mullan. “Americans take it much more seriously. The Pulitzer is like an award saying, ‘You will go down in posterity’ – that’s what they take it as being, therefore the panel sees it as its lofty mission to decide if there is anything worthy of that,” he said. “The Booker, though – the people judging that see it much more pragmatically, and know there is a history of Booker prize winners and Booker shortlisted novels, some of which turn out to be really shrewd choices vindicated by time, and some which look like duff choices. There’s a long history of books that were not even on the shortlist which 30 years later look like they deserved to win, which gives you a rueful realism about the process. It seems to me, the Pulitzer has come to stand for something different, and perhaps Americans are a bit more solemn about what these judgments mean.”

The Pulitzer board did manage to find winners for other literary categories this year: Life on Mars by Tracy K Smith took the poetry prize, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by the late Manning Marable won the history award, The Swerve: How the World Became Modern by Stephen Greenblatt won the non-fiction gong, and John Lewis Gaddis’s George F Kennan: An American Life won the biography award.

Here’s the full list of the winners:


Public Service – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Breaking News Reporting – The Tuscaloosa (Alabama) News Staff

Investigative Reporting – Matt Apuzzo, Adam Goldman, Eileen Sullivan and Chris Hawley of the Associated Press


Michael J. Berens and Ken Armstrong of The Seattle Times

Explanatory Reporting – David Kocieniewski of The New York Times

Local Reporting – Sara Ganim and members of The Patriot-News Staff, Harrisburg, Penn

National Reporting – David Wood of The Huffington Post

International Reporting – Jeffrey Gettleman of The New York Times

Feature Writing – Eli Sanders of The Stranger, a Seattle weekly

Commentary – Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune

Criticism -Wesley Morris of The Boston Globe

Editorial Writing – No award

Editorial Cartooning – Matt Wuerker of POLITICO

Breaking News Photography – Massoud Hossaini of Agence France-Presse

Feature Photography – Craig F. Walker of The Denver Post


Fiction – No award

Drama – “Water by the Spoonful” by Quiara Alegria Hudes

History – “Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention,” by the late Manning Marable (Viking)

Biography – “George F Kennan: An American Life,” by John Lewis Gaddis (The Penguin Press)

Poetry – “Life on Mars” by Tracy K Smith (Graywolf Press)

General Nonfiction – “The Swerve: How the World Became Modern,” by Stephen Greenblatt (WW Norton and Company)

Music – “Silent Night: Opera in Two Acts” by Kevin Puts (Aperto Press)

First Edition Design Publishing

New #Sony #eBook Store #FED_ebooks #author


Sony launches ebook reader store

Sony’s Reader Store UK ebook website has been launched offering a range of books in the epub format.

First Edition Design eBook PublishingThe company said that ebooks on the Sony Reader Store site range from new authors to best sellers and classics and can be read on a wide range of devices, including Mac, PC and Android tablets as well as the Sony Reader.

People can download an app at the Reader Store or from Android’s Google Play or access the site directly using Sony’s Reader with Wifi. As well as books, some of which are free, customers can download newspapers.

First Edition Design Publishing

First Edition Design Publishing