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Top 5 Most Expensive eBooks in the Kindle Store #FED_ebooks #author #ebook #writer
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From: mediabistro.com

By Nate Hoffelder

I was browsing the Kindle Store today when I realized something. It’s been quite some time since I last looked at the higher eBook prices, and that’s always been entertaining. Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but some Kindle eBooks are rather expensive. I like to sort through the list and chuckle while pondering if anyone actually buys the eBooks. The most expensive eBook currently in the Kindle Store costs $6,232, and it’s on sale for a healthy 20% off. The 5th most expensive Kindle eBook costs $5,300. All 5 titles are from the same publisher (Springer) and they look to be reference manuals that you mind find on the shelves in an institution.

  1. Nuclear Energy
  2. Compounds with 13 to 162 Carbon Atoms
  3. Noble Metal Systems
  4. Selected Soldering and Brazing Systems
  5. Selected Copper Systems
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