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Kindle eBook Hunters Now Using Chatwing Chat Widget

to Find More Reliable eBook Sources

Looking for eBooks will now be a trip in the park with the help of Chatwing chat box. This simple application empowers blog chat, allowing an even greater leverage in online communication. Chatwing is very easy to use and compatible to most blogs.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 24, 2012

Kindle eBook readers are now looking for different opportunities to download the best eBooks in the cyberspace. Chatwing’s development team has recently observed that Kindle users are hanging out in the chat box to find new friends who can give them the best eBook links that can be downloaded. These Kindle users can take advantage of Chatwing’s ease of access, versatility, high web chat connection rate, and even social media integration.

Some Kindle users are maintaining different types of blogs and chatrooms for many purposes. One of the most common First Edition Design Publishingpurposes is eBook exchange. Through the blog visitors, the blogger will now have a continuous stream of eBook source. Chatwing improves this goal by providing an avenue of communication that is easy and competitive at the same time. Many bloggers have already used the Chatwing shoutbox during its second version release. According to some of these bloggers, Chatwing is ‘simply elegant’ and reliable in terms of online communication.

Chatwing’s social media integration has been helping out Kindle users a lot. Through Facebook and Twitter, Kindle users can now find more friends and acquaintances. This simply means an even better opportunity to find more eBooks to download. This social media integration has also benefited a lot of bloggers who are also into online entrepreneurship. In a way, Chatwing provided another easy branch of an online business’ soft marketing process.

Installing the Chatwing chat widget doesn’t take much time, especially with the latest version. After registering the blog or website, the user can now proceed to customization phase. Here, the user will get the chance to modify the overall appearance of the widget. This easy installation process has earned the Chatwing website chat tool a great spot in terms of online ranking. Chatwing users are expecting more developments in the coming months.

About has developed live chat software for websites and blogs. It caters to different online communities due to its high rate of connectivity. Everyone can create a customizable live chat box in 1 minute or less. Users have the ability to customize the size, color, and fonts of the chat product. The ability to chat via social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter enable Chatwing to offer a personal and unique real-time experience to all sites. Chatwing is 100% free and very easy to use.

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 First Edition Design PublishingFirst Edition Design Publishing, based in Sarasota, Florida, USA leads the industry in eBook distribution.They convert, format and submit eBooks to Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Google, Kobo, Diesel, 3M, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Nielsen, EBSCO, scores of additional on-line retailers and libraries, schools, colleges and universities. The company also has a POD (Print On Demand) division, which creates printed books and makes them available worldwide through their distribution network.

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