BNN TV Interviews Where Hash Rules Author George Aaron Cuddy #FED_ebooks #eBooks #Author #Writer

 BNN TV Interviews Where Hash Rules Author George Aaron Cuddy


     Where Hash Rules is the success story of a family that was willing to roll up its sleeves from the depths of immigrant poverty to produce generations of satisfied, loyal customers and offspring who have reached the upper echelons of white-collar America. This family has served turkey hash, First Edition Design Publishingeggs, and toast in ample supplies but have surpassed those generous portions, in quantitative and qualitative terms, with love, gratitude, and respect for all who have entered the restaurant.

     The difference between Charlie’s and just about every other restaurant in Boston is manifested in the looks on the faces of princes and paupers, queens and drag queens, billionaires and rock stars, and ditch-diggers and bums who have sat down and felt immediately satiated.

First Edition Design Publishing is proud to be the publisher of Where Hash Rules.

     Where Hash Rules is available at, and all on-line eBook retailers.

     Check out this interview on BNN TV with author George Aaron Cuddy –   click here.

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