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When Writing Goes From a Hobby to a Business

Guest Blog By: Linda Maria Frank

Did I ever think that as a science teacher I would write a book? The key that made it happen for me was teaching something that became a passion. Trite? I’m not sure about that. Passion is a word I often see connected to success.

Teaching forensic science at the high school and college levels dovetailed with my love of mystery books, and a childhood hero-worship of Nancy Drew. In fact, I market my books as Nancy Drew meets CSI, mystery stories for girls of all ages.

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Author Linda Maria Frank

It all started in the high school library where I began to write case studies for my students, to make the science come alive through stories that included intrigue and sympathetic characters. The characters were so sympathetic that I decided to turn the plots and the characters of those case studies into my Annie Tillery Mystery series, The Madonna Ghost and Girl with Pencil, Drawing.

Producing the books required knowing how to write a book. I was not a trained writer. I found a writing course that met my requirements, and learned what I needed to know to get that story in book form.

Self-publishing had not yet exploded into the phenomenon it has become, so years went by before I screwed up the courage to publish.

The climate seemed right in 2009. I approached the self-publishing company I used at the time, and I began the process of submissions, revisions, editing, proof-reading, cover design, cover- copy and securing publishing rights. When that book was done I moved on to the next book with the same publisher.

Next came marketing. Marketing is a bear! New to this book business, I had no idea how much was out there by way of opportunities on the Internet. Signing up with First Edition Design Publishing was a no-brainer. It saved the time it would have cost me to get my eBook versions in so many different markets.

I am working on number three in my series, and am glad I self-published because it gives me lots of control over the entire process.

I’m digging deep into the world of marketing. I even do a program with another author about our journey through self-publishing, “So You Want to Write a Story?”  Social media, so important to anyone who markets, can almost be a full time job. There are also blog radio shows and local access TV.

What a surprise that my favorite classroom experience would turn into being a published author. If you have a good idea and want to produce a book, check out my website. If you are a published author and want to be on my TV show, “The Writer’s Dream”, get in touch using the contact information below.

 About Linda Maria Frank: With the introduction of the Annie Tillery Mysteries, Linda has been happily launching a new career as author. Inspired by a childhood passion for Nancy Drew books and the popular television series, CSI, she successfully married an appealing heroine (Annie Tillery) with a gripping story plots to create these new fiction books for mystery readers. The Madonna Ghost has earned the distinctive “Editor’s Choice” and “Rising Star” awards. Girl With Pencil Drawing, the second book in the series, ramps up the adventure and suspense. Annie stays one step ahead of the bad guys by the skin of her teeth.

Before venturing into writing, Frank’s first love was teaching science, her assignments ranging from Middle School to graduate level courses at Hofstra and Adelphi Universities. It was the forensic science courses that gave her the story lines for her heroine, Annie, who is based on a composite of former beloved students.

Presently Frank is involved in a project at LTV in East Hampton called “The Writer’s Dream,” a series of shows with writers who discuss different aspects of the profession.

Frank is a native New Yorker, who enjoys sailing, cross country skiing and traveling. Today, when Frank is not writing chapters for the next Annie Tillery Mystery, she is out there doing presentation of her books. See Linda Maria Frank on YouTube or visit her web sites, www.lindamariafrank.com, www.annietillery.com and Facebook pages: Official Fans of the Madonna Ghost, and The Writer’s Dream.

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