A Bear Discovered, by Andrew Lysaught



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A Bear Discovered, by Andrew Lysaught is a search for love, acceptance and understanding – indeed a fable fit for us all.

For Immediate Release – (Chicago, Illinois. – March 17th, 2014) Andrew Lysaught’s, A Bear Discovered takes us on a journey from loneliness into friendship, from feeling lost to being found.

The tree must learn to dance in the storm like the stone must learn to be shaped by the ever flowing river”

But this story is “not that of trees or stones, but that of a creature with a heart.”

Polla is a white bear in a black and brown bear world. A misfit to her family, she decides to leave home and seek a place where she belongs.  Her journey is born of frustration and loneliness.  “Who am I?  What am I?  And why do I feel as if I don’t know how to be myself?”  These are only a few of the difficult questions our strong and fearless bear unearths in her search for happiness.

Come join Polla on a journey to the inner working of her own reality.

Keywords: Journey, Home, Loneliness, Belief, Friendship, Happiness, Peace, Oneness, Life, Self-Discovery, Spiritual

The ebook version of A Bear Discovered, ISBN 9781622875252, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 32 page print book version, ISBN 9781622875245, are published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.


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