If Your Book Isn’t Selling, Do the Hokey Pokey

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I popped into one of my favorite blogs recently and read a short post
reminding authors we must constantly build an audience in order to succeed.
It was only 126 words long, but it touched a nerve in one of the commenters
who whined that she didn’t need reminding, she needed to know “how”.

This imagined omission hurled at the blog owner was particularly unfair
since the entire blog is devoted to telling authors how to build an
audience and create effective marketing plans. The commenter clearly hadn’t
read the years of posts giving specific strategies, tips, resources, and
tools. She obviously hadn’t downloaded the free information nor taken the
available courses on this particular blog.

And yet, the commenter’s frustration was real and common. She finally
admitted she had invested in books and coaching, but rationalized that her
inability to successfully market her book(s) MUST be the fault of those
resources. The gurus had let her down because whatever they suggested didn’t
work for her, assuming she even tried any of their techniques consistently.

So, if you’re also wondering what to do to make your books sell I say do
the Hokey Pokey.

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