My Books Aren’t Selling! – 10 Actions You Can Take

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Derek Haines

February 10, 2015

My Books Aren't SellingWith so many books now published on Amazon in particular, the competition to attract book buyers is fierce. While there are countless sources of advice and marketing tricks on how to sell ebooks and books, the most important factors of all are to have a good product and to attract positive attention to your books.

If you have published more than a couple of titles, perhaps it has been some time since you analysed what you are really doing to attract attention. As with all things Internet, change is the only constant, so while certain approaches may have been successful a year or so back, it is not necessarily true that they are working now. If your book sales have slowed down, maybe it’s time to take stock and look for action you can take to improve your chances.

Sure, writing better and publishing more often will help, but what can you do to help your existing titles maintain long tail income?

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