Beat Writer’s Block with Grimms’ Fairy Tales

I know what a friend looks like. Friends are there to support you when you need them. If you call in desperation, they come over. If you need a laugh, they crack a joke. If you’re down, they give a helping hand.

However, I’ve concluded that the Muses are not my friends.

Those unseen forces of inspiration that gift creatives with shiny new ideas, they don’t come over when I need them. They don’t pick me up when I’m down, and they don’t crack jokes when I need a laugh. Instead, they willingly abandon me to the clutches of writer’s block.

“Help me,” I cry with desperation  into the blank scene of my laptop. “Please. I’ve got nothing. I need you.”

“I’m sorry,” the voice of the Muses’ smug personal assistant says on the other end of the line in my mind. “The Muses are busy right now. I’ll let them know you called. Please try back later when you aren’t ready to write—like during your morning commute when you are stuck in traffic with no way of taking notes, or in the middle of your next business meeting when your boss is sitting across the table watching you. They should be available then. Thank you. Bye-bye.”

If I waited on the Muses to get their lazy butts in gear, I’d never get anything written, which is why I’m happy to share with you the powerful weapon that has lessened my dependence on the Muses and helped me beat the dreaded writer’s block: Grimms’ Fairy Tales. When I get stuck for an idea and don’t know what to write, I turn to the Grimms.

4 Steps to Beating Writer’s Block with the Brothers Grimm

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