Smitten Kitchen Shows You 100 Ways to Promote Recipes

lead image for post about Deb PerelmanOne of the things food writers struggle with most is how to promote recipes in a way that sounds authentic and not too braggy. You know your recipe is “the best,” but you can’t keep saying that for every one you write.

So what can you do to improve your blog posts, recipe headnotes, and social media blurbs? First, I went back to my most visited post: 100 Verbs for Recipes, from Julia Child. Who else could I research, I wondered, who would give me a similar list of fabulous terms?

I found inspiration on Smitten Kitchen’s Instagram feed. Deb Perelman is a master of promoting her recipes in a way that sounds effortless, fun, and full of personality.

Incredibly, there was no repetition of her phrases in the 100+ pitches I reviewed. I could probably give you 200 pitches. But I think you will get the point of how to pitch recipes with this list.

image of fried egg sandwich

Of course, writing a salesy pitch is not all there is to getting readers excited about your cooking and baking. Deb also describes her foods sensuously in every post. You need that combo. (See caption above for an example.)

How to promote recipes? Deb Perelman shows you 100 ways:

  1. Always a good idea
  2. Resistance is futile
  3. You definitely don’t want to miss it
  4. Draws a crowd
  5. Easily one of my desert island foods
  6. One of the best dinners I’ve made this year
  7. Designed to be eaten on laps, sitting outside. (Hooray.)
  8. What I want every big weekend meal to taste like, and has become a family staple around here
  9. If you can resist eating them all before you leave the apartment, you’re going to make so many friends with these
  10. Keeps perfectly for lunches all week
  11. I only wish I had them around more often
  12. It’s basically impossible not to like
  13. You can totally eat them for breakfast. Or dessert. Or just because.
  14. Even more wildly delicious than it looks
  15. Ridiculously good/easy
  16. Will make you ridiculously welcome wherever you potluck/picnic/barbecue next
  17. Welcome wherever you take it; this is a potluck favorite
  18. Keep the recipe in your back pocket for the next time life is busy but you don’t want to compromise on dinner
  19. I think you’re really going to like this
  20. Nothing short of a dream
  21. Clinically proven to righten the path of any weekend morning
  22. Maximum weekend dinner luxury
  23. I have made this every summer for a decade now
  24. Basically every summer dessert worth eating in one place
  25. Trust me, we’re going to be so happy about this
  26. You’re going to immediately wonder why you don’t make this more often
  27. Keeps in the fridge — as long as you keep us away from them
  28. Obviously, this is exactly what we have to cook next
  29. We make this all the time and think you should too
  30. Smells heavenly
  31. Be the Ina Garten/Martha Stewart of your party with this
  32. It causes a frenzy
  33. A surprising win in the Weeknight Dinners For Everyone category
  34. These deserve to be a rest-of-summer habit
  35. I want to eat it every day and every weekend all summer
  36. Make your home smell eloquently September-ish, even if you (ahem: me) are kicking and screaming about it
  37. Doesn’t get much better than this
  38. My go-to forever favorite
  39. Did they break into a happy dance? If they didn’t, well, more for you
  40. I cannot wait to have it for dinner tonight
  41. So popular around here, I have all but stopped asking my family what they want for dinner because they only ever request this
  42. Like no other
  43. They’re totally unforgettable
  44. Everybody needs this
  45. It’s the only thing I want to eat
  46. Extremely addicting forever favorite
  47. Always causes a commotion
  48. Dinner bliss
  49. 100% guaranteed to improve all the days that they last
  50. It’s unforgettable, and it only gets better as it rests — make it today!
  51. If you do not fall in love, I promise to come and rid you of your leftovers
  52. Gets better the longer it lasts
  53. Have a way of not making it out of the kitchen
  54. I have never regretted making two
  55. Impossible not to make over and over again
  56. The indisputable champion
  57. Something I hope I’m never too old, smart or refined to eat
  58. I don’t think you’ll find an easier or prettier…
  59. Should any survive until the next day
  60. The result definitely wants to come with you this weekend
  61. Put it in your weekly rotation
  62. Everyone will demand you make it again and again
  63. We always wonder why we don’t make it more often
  64. Delicious in a totally unforgettable way
  65. Exactly what I want
  66. This version is one of the best I know
  67. My favorite dessert on earth
  68. One of the most distractingly delicious things I’ve ever made
  69. You don’t have to go another day without experiencing…
  70. The leftovers are outstanding
  71. It also makes glorious leftovers for lunch tomorrow; future you thanks you
  72. I always wish I’d double the recipe so we’d have leftovers — don’t let it happen to you
  73. What I want to eat all weekend for breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  74. Almost instant gratification
  75. It makes everyone happy
  76. I can’t stop making this dish
  77. Has the best of everything
  78. Exactly what our Friday afternoons should taste like, don’t you think
  79. I think you’re going to obsess over it too
  80. I am obsessed with how good this is
  81. Your friends thank you, in advance
  82. it’s the FIRST THING TO GO every time
  83. Trust me, this is the … of champions
  84. This is the best I’ve ever had. What sets it apart? Butter. (I can’t believe you even had to ask.)
  85. Ridiculously easy
  86. Doesn’t require a special occasion to bake
  87. Astoundingly easy to make
  88. The ingredient list couldn’t be less complicated
  89. This preparation converts everyone
  90. Looks and tastes fancy and took about 12 minutes to make
  91. Have it in the oven 15 minutes later
  92. Who likes meals you can make in 15 minutes? Me me me!
  93. You could be eating this in 20 minutes
  94. Take all of 30 minutes to make
  95. A cinch to throw together
  96. Turns out to be comically quick and easy to make
  97. Welcoming of adaptations
  98. Leaving you more time for doing other things
  99. What to make when you’re short on time or long on things you’d rather do than cook
  100. Quick to make, even more quick to disappear.


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