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I Am Normal … If You’re Bipolar by Terri Callsen Available Worldwide.

I Am Normal … If You’re Bipolar by Canadian author Terri Callsen  is a stimulating book that provides examples and thoughts concerning what it’s like to be bipolar.

The ebook, published by First Edition Design Publishing, based in  Sarasota Florida, has been released worldwide to coincide with the second annual Bell Let’s Talk Day in Canada on Wednesday, February 8, 2012.

Recognizing that simply talking makes a significant impact in breaking down the stigma attached to mental health, Bell’s campaign encourages people to “start the conversation” about mental health with friends, family and co-workers. For every text message and long distance call made by Bell customers that day, Bell will contribute 5 cents to programs dedicated to mental health.

Callsen is  donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of I Am Normal … If You’re Bipolar to Mental Health non-profit organizations.

Canadian author Terri Callsen published by First Edition Design Publishing

“I’m excited about this book! I know it’s going to help so many,” Callsen said.

I Am Normal … If You’re Bipolar  is a self-help book aimed at those who have friends or family who suffer from depression. It explains why they are the way they are. The ebook includes quick facts, what symptoms to look for and explanations for the expressive behaviors of those affected.