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41 Tips for Transporting Your Readers Back in Time

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

From the folks at Seekerville

By multi-published historical author Keli Gwyn!

I’m excited to be back in Seekerville. Ruthy invited me in response to a comment I left on her thought-provoking post, “Writing Contemporary vs.Historical Books: Must We Choose?”  Since I think Ruthy is the bee’s knees, I said yes.
Ruthy suggested I blog about giving a historical story a dated feel, a timely topic I was eager to explore.

In an April 16 post on the Bethany House blog, Ask Bethany House: WhatDo Editors Look For in a New Author?  BH editor Raela Schoenherr listed 13 items she looks for. I was excited to see this bullet point as the first in her “laundry list.”

  • Interesting, varied word choice and use of the English language in a way that is appropriate to era, setting, characters, etc.

As an author of historical romance, a command of period-appropriate language is important to me as well as my readers. It’s nice to see that it ranks so highly on an editor’s desired elements list as well.

But how does a writer go about creating that period-appropriate language? I have a few tips to share, but I wanted to give you more than I could come up with on my own.

Because my stories encompass only a narrow slice of history, I got brave and sent out a zillion emails to some of the best and brightest stars in inspirational historical romance, asking them to provide tips for their periods as well. The generous authors flooded my inbox with a wealth of information, resulting in a post so meaty that I’m issuing each of you a virtual steak knife and fork. Enjoy the feast!

Basic Tips for Creating Period-Appropriate Language

Here are eight techniques used by many writers of historical fiction.

– See more at: http://seekerville.blogspot.com/2015/06/41-tips-for-transporting-your-readers.html#sthash.FipGBzR2.dpuf



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