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How to Write a Thank You Note (a Real One)

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Handwritten notes are like sending a hug through the mail. They have personality and character, attributes a computer screen will never have. Let me show you why, when, and how to write a thank you note.

How to Write a Thank You Note

Why You Should Write a Thank You Note

It is easier and quicker to send a text message, an email, or a voice message to say “thank you.” However, if the purpose of the thank you message is to convey your deepest, most sincere gratitude, taking the time to carefully write a message by your own hand, and not your secretaries hand, will mean more to the recipient than an instant media message.

When was the last time you wrote a thank you note? A real thank you note on a piece of paper that goes into an envelope with an address written on it and a stamp stuck in the upper right hand corner?

Too long, right?! Let’s write one together today.

What Is a Thank You Note?

Perhaps it would be a good idea to talk about what a note actually is, not just a thank you note.

A note is a short informal letter or brief written message. We are not talking about currency or bird noises here. If you want to write about what you did last summer, or about how many litter boxes you have, write a letter instead.

Joe Bunting wrote a great article about writing letters, which you can read here: What Letter Writing Can Teach Us, but a thank you note is not a full letter.

Why You Should Send a Thank You Note:

  1. You should send a thank you note because my mother said it is a good idea.
  2. To connect with another person.
  3. Send a thank you note because you want to say thank you.
  4. The biggest reason to send a thank you note, is because you are a kind, considerate person. And you always want your friends and acquaintances to know how much you appreciate them.
  5.  Because you are thoughtful.

There is simply nothing as personal as a handwritten note. In a stack of bills and flyers, it’s a treasure in a sealed packet, full of promise and potential. — Dan Post Senning

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