3 Wacky Writing Prompts to Spark Your Silly Stories

When your alarm went off today did you hit the snooze button? Did you wake up wishing, “I hope The Write Practice has some silly writing prompts today”? Have you been dreading getting out of bed because you didn’t have a fun writing prompt?

3 wacky

Now you can get out of bed and look forward to today! Run to your writing chair and write for fifteen minutes with these silly writing prompts.

4 Silly Steps to Create Your Wacky Writing Prompt

Follow the steps below to write your unusual story:

Step one

Choose one of the three silly writing prompts listed below.

  1. Drop a raw egg on the floor.
  2. Put your cat in a full bathtub and give it a bath.
  3. The lid flies off of the ketchup as you shake it.
  4. Use all three.

Step two

Add one of these animals to your story.

  1. A bird.
  2. A dog.
  3. A mouse.
  4. Use all three animals.

Step three

Find the first sentence of your story.

The first sentence of your story will be taken from the third book from the left on your bookcase, or from the third book on your Kindle.

Step four

Please add one of these items to your story.

  1. An empty coffee mug.
  2. A hairbrush.
  3. A pot of burnt peas.
  4. Use all three.

Step five

This step is the easiest, and maybe also the hardest.


Tips to Remember as You Write

Your story will have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Somebody wants something, and your story will help them get it.

Why did the egg fall? Do they have any more eggs? What will happen to the cat getting a bath? Will the cat escape? Who is shaking the ketchup bottle? Were they alone when they were eating?

The world is full of stories. A writing prompt is like a salad bar. If two people go through the salad bar, their salads will never look the same. We all have the same ingredients to use, but we are different people, with different histories and experiences.

What will you write about today? Where will these writing prompts take you? Show me your salad. Write your story. Have fun.

By Pamela Hodges
Source: thewritepractice.com

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