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French Pass “Anti-Amazon” Law Ending Discounts and Free Shipping

FranceOn Wednesday, the French parliament passed a long-debated law that will end Amazon.com’s ability to offer a combined 5% discount and free shipping on books shipped to France, according to Livres Hebdo (as translated on Frenchculture.org).

France’s fixed book price law, dubbed “The Lang Law,” was passed in 1981 and allows for a maximum 5% discount under varied positions.

“The ‘Anti-Amazon Law,’ was created to prevent ecommerce sites like [the American giant] Amazon from stamping out the iconic network of independent French bookshops that currently struggle to compete,” wrote Livres Hebdo.

French Minister of Culture Aurélie Filippetti commented: “As we have just seen again, laws pertaining to the book economy always generate consensus, if not unanimity. This is a sign of our deep attachment to books in this nation, and it demonstrates the belief that France builds itself through its past and its future.”

France has some 3,500 bookshops in France, including 800 independent stores.

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Paradise Regained Released Worldwide in #eBook by First Edition Design Publishing #FED_ebooks #author

 First Edition Design Publishing has released Paradise Regained by Edward Shafik to over 100 countries.

Paradise Regained by Edward Shafik is based on real events. Paradise Regained (ISBN 9781937520731)  tells the story of Egyptian Coptic Christians who were massacred for their faith in a terrorist act secretly sponsored by the Muslim-dominated government. The story explores Egypt’s rich culture and traditions while painting an unforgettable image of the collision between Christianity and Islam. Shafik used Biblical facts and extensive research in creating Paradise Regained

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Paradise Regained is a colorful tapestry of real events woven into a spiritual realm. The reader is  suddenly  surrounded by unforgettable characters in fast action scenes that lead to the tragic death of six young Coptic Martyrs in front of St. Mary Coptic Orthodox church in Nag Hammadi, Egypt.

With powerful words, Ed Shafik transport the readers from the hot and humid desert weather to the Third Heaven, which St. Paul visited but didn’t describe what he had seen.

Edward Shafik is a master story teller that reminds me of literary giants such as Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens, and Naguib Mahfouz, the first Egyptian writer to win a Nobel Prize.

Paradise Regained is a political thriller destined to entertain and inform readers for many generations to come.” — Mounir Fargallah,  Author, Play Wright, Speaker, Novelist.

“The book is an awesome endeavor, one that may well lead many Muslims to Christ. Ed’s writes with exceptional vibrancy and power…I hope you will join me in applauding Ed Shafik.” — Joanne Hillman

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Paradise Regained…A very needed ministry into a dark arena! “ — Dave Longeuay,  Author/ Multimedia Producer

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