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2017: Third Term — A Timely Political Thriller #ebook #FED_ebooks

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2017: Third Term — A Timely Political Thriller

Tim Wuebker teaches in greater Kansas City. He has worked with over 2,000 students, ages 14-62, from every continent, facilitated 11 kinds of college English classes, and taught six kinds of high school math. Wuebker runs marathons and has now penned a political thriller…2017: Third Term.

2017: Third Term tells the story of America’s future through the lens of a single family, the Thatchers. Jack Thatcher is an ex-marine–discharged for saving the wrong lives. Heather steals away to the woods to have her birth control implants illegally removed. Breanna and Mark may lose their college scholarships for defending themselves. Their father, Tom, works in what soon may be an illegal–a second job, which he is “hoarding in a time of scarcity.” Their mother, Julie, is being watched.

They think they are ordinary people. They are about to find how wrong they are.

As their options narrow, the Thatchers realize America has always been country where individuals can shape events. And no matter how restrictive a society becomes, there is always a freedom movement… You just have to be prepared to sacrifice everything.

2017: Third Term, ISBN 9781622870189, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available in eBook format through Amazon Kindle, BN.com Nook and all on-line booksellers.

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