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Which Social Media Channel Sells The Most Books?


Rachel Thompson has written a great article on the effectiveness of popular Social Media influencers over at her site at Bad Redhead Media. Rachel is considered one of the top Social Media Gurus for authors and has some great research to share in this article as well as her website.


“Which one social media channel will net me the most book sales?” an author asked me recently during my new weekly #BookMarketingChat (join any Wednesday on Twitter, 6pm pst/9pm est simply by typing in the hashtag).

Well, it’s not that easy. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just go to say, Facebook because that’s the EASY button, and violá! They will come, we will sell, and yacht-life, here we come. Alas, it just doesn’t work that way because well, a few reasons.

Let’s deconstruct.



Go check the rest of this article at Bad Redhead Media

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eVolution of eBooks Traces Written Word History #author #ebooks #writer RT

First Edition Design Publishing has created a video titled, “eVolution of eBooks.”  The four minute clip takes a whimsical look at the written word and how it has been recorded and read from the Dark Ages to the present day.

First Edition Design eBook Publishing

eVolution of eBooks from First Edition Design Publishing

The fun information video is available for free just by visiting First Edition Design’s Facebook page and clicking “Like”.  Once visitors become a First Edition Design Publishing Facebook fan they receive a page with a “download now” button to view the video.  Those who are already members can access the video by clicking on the “Welcome” tab.  The eVolution of eBooks video is available until March 14, 2012.

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